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Business Valuation Expert Kace Clawson

Kace Clawson

Chief Executive Officer

Business Valuation Experts, LLC


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1717 K Street, NW

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Washington, DC 20006




Kace Clawson specializes in business valuation, forensic accounting and fraud investigation, expert witness services and ESOP trustee/fiduciary services. In the past 35 years, he has provided these services to public and privately held companies in the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has currently personally certified to the valuation of over 2,500 business entities and has been accepted as an expert witness in 11 court jurisdictions.


Mr. Clawson's expertise has been sought after and utilized in prominent valuation and investigation cases conducted in the United States and abroad, and he has provided his expertise on complex financial matters to Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, accountants, judges, the FBI, the IRS, the SEC, the Department of Labor and the Civil Litigation Division of the Department of Justice.


Years of

Professional Experience







Jurisdictions Recognized as Expert

$100 Billion+


Amount of

Assets Valued

Areas of Expertise
Business Valuation

1987 to Present

Mr. Clawson has performed thousands of valuations of privately held companies that conduct business in almost all industries. Clients range in size from less than $1 million in revenue to more than $10 billion in revenue. He frequently performs business valuation, fairness opinion and solvency opinion analysis for Boards of Directors, shareholders, financial institutions and private equity firms. His services are utilized for IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, ESOP transactions, leveraged buyouts, buy/sell agreements, litigation, bankruptcies, reorganizations, shareholder litigation, SEC disclosures, stock option pricing, estate planning and divorce.

Representative Engagements:


  • Cvent, Inc.

  • Under Armor, Inc.

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums (London & New York)

  • American Disposal Services, Inc.

  • MetroPCS/USA Mobility, Inc.

  • UUNET Technologies, Inc.

  • Luna Innovations, Inc.

  • Jet Support Services, Inc.

  • Mobomo, Inc.

  • Estate of Bob Ross

  • Detyens Shipyards, Inc.

  • The Franklin Mint, LLC

  • Southern Management Corporation

  • Agilex, Inc.

  • TouchTunes, Inc.

  • Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.

  • LCC International, Inc.

  • Continental Resources, Inc.

  • Albert Uster Imports, Inc.

  • Albertsons, Inc.

  • Key West Boats, Inc.

  • LaGrange Winery

  • Griffiths Corporation

Expert Witness

1997 to Present

Mr. Clawson has been selected on numerous occasions to serve as a business valuation expert in litigation and arbitration cases. He has testified on matters involving all aspects of ESOP's, including valuation, repurchase obligation analysis and trustee fiduciary duties. Other topics testified to include fraudulent conveyance, intellectual property theft, software valuation, minority interest valuation and bankruptcy valuation, among others. 

Specific Topic Expertise
  • ESOP valuation

  • Stock option (409a) valuation

  • Intellectual property valuation

  • Portfolio investment valuation

  • Franchise valuation

  • Purchase price allocation analysis

  • Goodwill allocation/impairment analysis

  • Estate and gift tax valuation.

  • Buy/sell agreement valuation

  • Preferred stock valuation

  • Pre-IPO valuation

  • 8(a) valuation

  • Bankruptcy valuation

  • Blockchain-related valuation

  • Divorce valuation

  • SBA loan valuation

  • Medical practice valuation

  • Real estate LLC/LP valuation

  • Damages and lost profits analysis

  • Fairness opinions

  • Solvency opinions

  • Marketability discount analysis

  • Minority interest discount analysis

  • Shareholder litigation matters

  • Professional malpractice investigations

Expert Witness Court Jurisdictions:


  • Fairfax County Circuit Court

  • Arlington Circuit Court

  • Alexandria Circuit Court

  • Prince William Circuit Court

  • Montgomery County Circuit Court

  • United States District Court, Northern District of Maryland

  • United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Virginia

  • Superior Court of the District of Columbia

  • United States District Court, Southern District of Alabama

  • Fourth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida

  • American Arbitration Association

Representative Engagements:


Start-Up Valuations
  • Sourcefire, Inc.

  • Mandiant Corporation

  • Route 11 Chips

  • LifeFuels, Inc.

  • ThreatQuotient, Inc.

  • Angioblast Systems, Inc.

  • Tigris Pharmaceutical, Inc.

  • Blue Star Software, LLC

  • Brabeion Software Corporation

  • Jobfox, Inc.

  • Sequoia, Inc.

  • Netcordia, Inc.

  • Social Tables, Inc.

  • OpenWhere, Inc.

ESOP Trustee/

2000 to Present

With years of experience providing ESOP valuation services to clients, Mr. Clawson started serving as a transaction and on-going trustee to ESOP's in the early 2000's. He has provided these services to companies forming ESOP's, adding additional ownership to established ESOPs, and in mergers and acquisitions involving ESOP owned companies. In addition to his transaction trustee services, Mr. Clawson has served as the on-going ESOP trustee for numerous companies in a variety of industries.

Franchise Valuations
  • Subway

  • Cinnabon

  • Baja Fresh

  • sweetFrog

Representative Engagements:


  • JB&A, Inc.

  • Southern Services, Inc.

  • Carana Corporation

  • American Maritime Holdings, Inc.

  • Consolidated Safety Services, Inc.

  • Group W, Inc.

Forensic Accounting/
Fraud Investigation

1986 to Present

Mr. Clawson’s fraud investigation experience is extensive and unique. He has conducted large, complex investigations involving multiple entities, shell companies and convoluted transactions. Investigations have been performed for fidelity bond claims, director and officer liability cases, accountant malpractice cases, broker malpractice cases and employee fraud cases. In the mid-1990's, Mr. Clawson traveled extensively throughout South America tracing large amounts of misappropriated funds, interviewing witnesses, calculating damages and developing financial reports for civil litigation. During the savings and loan crisis, he assisted the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) in the closure and investigation/valuation of over 30 financial institutions.

  • AI Industries, Inc.

  • Meyer Consulting Engineers

  • Kempsville Building Materials

  • Computational Physics, Inc.

  • Wilhelm & Associates

  • Bradford Sales

  • Metro Machine Corporation

  • DBI Architects, Inc.

  • Callahan & Associates

  • Applied Ordnance Technology

  • Biologics, Inc.

  • Delta Solutions, Inc.

  • Alion, Inc.

  • Kelly Anderson & Associates, Inc.

  • Geographic Services, Inc.

  • Tamaya Chemical Corporation

  • Noesis, Inc.

  • Tabard Inn Corporation

  • General Fire & Casualty Co.

  • HazTrain, Inc.

Winery/Vineyard Valuations
  • Frank-Rombauer Winery

  • La Grange Winery 

  • Lovers Leap Vineyards

  • Barrel Oak Winery

Representative Engagements:


  • Banco Progreso de Venezuela

  • Centrust Savings Bank

  • Wireless Ventures of Brazil

  • Landmark Land Corporation

  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator

  • Baltimore Life Insurance Company

  • Frank-Rombauer Winery

  • Oaktree Savings Bank

  • Royal Palm Savings Bank

  • Accounting Firms

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Aerospace Companies

  • Anodizing Companies

  • Architectural Firms

  • Asset Management Companies

  • Automobile Dealers

  • Bakeries

  • Banks and Savings and Loans

  • Biotech Companies

  • Blockchain-related Companies

  • Boat Builders

  • Brick Makers and Tile Distributors

  • Building Materials Distributors

  • Cabinet Makers

  • Candy Manufacturers

  • Car Dealerships

  • Cement Companies

  • Cellular Phone Companies

  • Computer Sales and Service Companies

  • Computer System and Equipment Companies

  • Construction Companies

  • Container Manufacturers

  • Dairy Companies

  • Digital Imaging Companies

  • Direct Marketing Companies

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Employment Agencies

  • Engineering Companies

  • Excavating Companies

  • Fast Food Chains

  • Flooring Companies

  • Franchise Operations

  • Food Service Companies

  • Furniture Representatives

  • Funeral Homes

  • Gear Manufacturers

  • Government Contractors

  • 8(a) Government Contractors

  • 8(m) Government Contractors

  • Graphics Companies

  • Health Clubs

  • HVAC Companies

  • Hedge Funds

  • Horse Racing Operations

  • Hotels and Development Companies

  • Hotel Management Companies

  • Imaging Companies

  • Importers

  • Information Technology Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Interior Designers

  • International Banking Firms

  • Internet Companies

  • Investment Bankers

  • Law Firms

  • Leasing Companies

  • Lobbying Firms

  • Magazines

  • Manufacturers

  • Market Research Companies

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Medical Practices

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Metal Coating Companies

  • Mobile App Companies

  • Mortgage Companies

  • Newspapers

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Ophthalmology Practices

  • Pager Companies

  • Paving Companies

  • Photo Labs

  • Pool Supply Companies

  • Printing Plants

  • Printing Companies

  • Printing Companies

  • Private Schools

  • Professional Services Firms

  • Property Management Companies

  • Publishing Companies

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships

  • Real Estate Management Companies

  • Real Estate Sales Companies

  • Restaurants

  • Retailers

  • Sand and Gravel Companies

  • Savings and Loans

  • Ship Building and Repair Companies

  • Shopping Center Developers

  • Software Development Companies

  • Steel Companies

  • Systems Integration Companies

  • Technology Companies

  • Telecommunications Providers

  • Tile Importers

  • Tire Manufacturers

  • Travel Agencies

  • Trucking Companies

  • Trust Company

  • Veterinary Practices

  • Wholesale Food Distributor

  • Wireless Companies

  • Property Management Companies

  • Publishing Companies

  • Public Relations Firms

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships

  • Real Estate Management Companies

  • Real Estate Sales Companies

  • Restaurants

  • Retirement Homes

  • Sand and Gravel Company

  • Savings and Loans

  • Ship Building and Repair Companies

  • Software Development Companies

  • Steel Companies

  • Systems Integration

  • Technology Companies

  • Telecommunications Companies

  • Textile Companies

  • Tire Manufacturers

  • Tire Retailers

  • Travel Agencies

  • Trust Companies

  • Trucking Companies

  • Veterinary Practices

  • Vineyards

  • Video Conferencing Companies

  • Wholesale Food Distributor

  • Wineries

  • Wireless Equipment


Chief Executive Officer

Business Valuation Experts, LLC

January 1997 to Present

Senior Manager

KPMG Peat Marwick

October 1993 to January 1997

Senior Manager

Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Co., LLC

December 1989 to September 1993

Chief Financial Officer

Clemente Development Corporation

June 1988 to December 1989

Senior Auditor

Arthur Andersen & Co.

December 1984 to June 1988

George Mason University - School of Business

BS, Finance and Accounting

1980 – 1984

In March 2009, Mr. Clawson was selected by the GMU Alumni Association as one of its 30 most successful alumni.

Business Valuation Expert Witness Client Bank of America
Business Valuation Expert Witness Client IRS
Business Valuation Client SourceFire
Business Valuation Client LifeFuels
Business Valuation Client Under Armor
Business Valuation Client Luna Innovations
Solvency Opinion Client Detyens
Business Valuation Client American Disposal
ESOP Trustee Client Carana
Business Valuation Client Cvent
Business Valuation Client Mobomo
Business Valuation Fairness Opinion Client Kempsville
Business Valuation Client TouchTunes
Purchase Price Allocation Client LaGrange Winery
ESOP Trustee Client Group W

Kace Clawson


Business Valuation Experts, LLC

1717 K Street, NW

Suite 900

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 787-5858 - Office

(703) 593-5214 - Mobile

Main Office

1717 K Street, NW

Suite 900

Washington, DC 20006

Reston Office

1850 Library Street

Suite 500

Reston, Virginia 20190

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